Raydiant bv

Koninklijkelaan 36

2600 Berchem


Tel  : +32 (0)3 218 73 01

Fax : +32 (0)3 218 73 05

e-mail :  info@raydiant.be

Raydiant bvba provides equipment and support in Belgium for the following high-end manufacturers :

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Fastest, Most Accurate, Most Reliable

IBA Dosimetry offers a full range of innovative high-quality solutions and services that maximize efficiency and minimize errors in Radiation Therapy, Medical Imaging Quality Assurance and Calibration procedures    


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Thermo Scientific

Detect, localize, identify, and measure radioactivity in any scenario

From routine monitoring and surveillance to emergency response situations, our advanced, integrated radiation detection instruments mitigate the threat and keep you safe. Our product portfolio of radiation detection solutions provides comprehensive, real-time monitoring, early warning, and complete information in the palm of your hand, in the work place, and in your neighborhood.



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